iWard SRP (iWard Solution Ready Platform)
iWard management system
Creating a patient-centric iWard SRP to reduce nurses' loading and success in achieving the results of precision healthcare.
Tailored to the needs of patients and their families. The functions include providing personalized information content display, multimedia entertainment and strengthening the learning of health education, improving the completion rate of nursing guidance and patient satisfaction with nursing guidance.
Date/Time, Weather, Temperature
Hospital profile, News
Hospitalization instruction
Environmental introduction
Health education information
Medication information
Notification of care needs
IV button
Nuring Call
  • Integrates to inpatient information and provides treatment information to patients.
  • Integration of hospitals, nurses, diseases for three-party communications, provides hot key for care needs and emergency contact function.
  • Strengthening the integration of informationization, implementing paperless in wards and optimizing the relationship between nurses and patients.
  • As the advocacy service platform, for implement the decree advocacy.
  • Supports for multiple languages to provides the international operation needs of the hospital.
  • Integrates to HIS and sets function menu by yourself.
  • Extended functions for use proximity card, prevention of falls, interactive health education, environmental control, treatment plan, ordering online, video call, TV entertainment and surf the Internet, etc.
  • Provides customized services.
Provides completely personalized care by updating the patient's information instantly and integrating hospital information system. It also has the function of instant call with nursing staff to close the interactive relationship between patients and nurses.
Date/Time, Weather, Temperature
Patient's information
Medical team
Treatment plan
Special notes
Personalized reminders
Cancel notification of care needs
Satisfaction survey
IV button
Nuring Call
  • Update patient information in real time to strengthen it security.
  • Send the accurate notification for smoother care response and save nurses from going back and forth.
  • Integrate the hospital information system, personalized reminders and medical team.
  • Voice communication.
  • Reduce paper waste and improve administrative efficiency.
  • Supports for multiple languages to provide the international operation needs of the hospital.
  • Integrates to HIS and sets function menu by yourself.
  • Extended functions for speech recognition, use proximity card, etc.
  • Provides customized services.
Nurses can quickly respond to patients' needs by this APP, that improves the quality and efficiency.
Push Notification service for Nursing information
Cancel notification of care needs
Nuring Call
Call History
Patient List
  • Nurses have their own tablet to know the customized information.
  • Clear and easy to understand.
  • Stay in touch with beds and nurse stations at anytime and anywhere.
  • The APP can be the mobile extension for the hospital telephone system through the Internet, VPN or SBC to be connected to hospital network by wifi, 3G or 4G network.
  • Extended functions for medical records, patient ordering notice, integrating the abnormal value notification of HIS, off-bed warning, etc.
The system designed for high-risk fall wards with infrared off-bed warning devices to provide a safe care environment.
Mobile Nursing App (for nurse): Extended function menu, identify of wearing hand ring, off-bed setting.
Bed Alarm APP (for caregiver):Log in for identify of wearing hand ring, alert tips and records, basic settings.
iWard Control Center:Extended function menu, off-bed alarm.
  • The Bed Alarm APP (for caregiver) can be extended functions for outgoing application and records, health education information, etc.
iWard SRP (iWard Solution Ready Platform)
Digital nursing station management system
Automated synchronizing and collecting the inpatient information to reduce the labor cost and the possibility of errors of nurses in order to improve the efficiency and quality of care.
The effective communication platform between nursing station and ward, that the status of all wards can be grasped, while nurses can update each patient's care information in CMS and displaied in Nursing Dashboard, BIT, IT, etc.
Bed information Management
Patient list Management
Notification of care needs
Ward statistics chart
Nursing scheduling management
Ward notice
  • Not only easy to systematic management of patient needs by nurse, but also audit the ward's performance through the statistical chart by head nurse.
  • The system monitoring center can be controlled and delivered information to each connection system instantly.
  • Integrates to HIS and sets function menu by yourself.
  • Extended functions for receiving calls from wards and nursing APP.
Integrates to the Internet of Medical Things(IoMT) and PIT for sending each patient's physiological measurement data to iWard CMS and HIS.
Body temperature
Blood surger
Blood pressure
  • Display by combined with the Nursing Dashboard, it can monitor the patient's physiological measurement parameters at any time. Nurses are enable to realize the patient's physiological status quickly and improve work efficiency.
  • Improve the working environment of medical professionals and the quality of clinical care.
Integrated to the real-time notification of contact and scheduling, ward bed information, tips for scheduling of patient inspection and surgery, notification of IV button and nuring call, instant information for each bed.
Digital information
Nursing staff's schedule
Ward bed information
Ward notice
Notification of care needs
Ward bed statistics
Ward area display
Contact information
Operation information
Examining information
  • Receives patient abnormal warnings instantly and responds to patient needs quickly.
  • Display visual bed status, switch the screen format.
  • Look over individual ward bed information and status, supports for rapid screening of patient status at any time.
  • Systematically manage for nursing schedule, strengthen the function of nursing shift.
  • Integrates to HIS and sets function menu by yourself.
  • Extended functions for integrating of physiological measurement data statistics, asset positioning.
Flexible management of front-end data, the hospital can plan their own wards and nursing stations related to the requirements of iWard system.
Ward bed management
Media advocacy management
Bedside system setting management
Satisfaction survey management
Authority management
Data statistics center
Software monitoring platform
  • Provide statistical data reports for operational performance.
  • Through the software monitor and management center, ensure that all intelligent rehabilitation terminal systems are functioning properly.
  • Set different permissions for various types of therapists.
iWard SRP (iWard Solution Ready Platform)
iService SRP
Interactive multimedia iService SRP create an intelligent healthcare environment for people to inquire the hospital information.
Including hardware and software integration and digital design, combined with inquiry/payment/advocacy and other medical services, to provide people with more functions and services.
Date/Time, Weather, Temperature
Register service
Outpatient service
Guide tour in hospital
Medicine information
Inpatient patient enquiries
Hospital introduction, health education information advocacy
IC Card enquiries
Payment service
Take a Number
Card reading
  • Disperse the crowd of registering.
  • Provides services include register, inquiry for register and hospitalization, physician introduction, hospital profile, health education information and guide tour in hospital, etc.
  • It's the best multimedia medical self-service information platform that provides overall work efficiency and convenience for patients.
Setting up a service satisfaction survey machine at various service counters to collect and analyze the feedback from the public in order to improving the hospital services closer to the needs of the people.
Interactive questionnaire survey
  • Designed with an interactive image interface to assist patients in interest in the survey that nurses can know the care experience from patients to improve the quality of healthcare. The benefits also include reduced the manual analysis costs because of the reporting database.
Import all kinds of digital multimedia design to shaping the image of hospital services, but also assisting patients to get various information by themselves and reduce waiting time.
Date/Time, Weather, Temperature
Floor guided tour
Location indication
Reexamination registration
Consultation progress
Outpatient schedule enquiries
Physician profile
Health education information advocacy
Take a Number
  • The interface is designed for multimedia interaction with the large screen and focus on user experience.
  • Provides services include register, inquiry for register, physician introduction, hospital profile and health education information, etc.
  • Display floor plan of the hospital area that marked of facilities or units on it.
  • Diversified functions of playback topics.
  • Integrated to Web API and display the other information system of hospital.
  • Supports for TV signal, subtitles, date, time, weather information and web.
  • Supports for Windows system.
  • Extensible combined with satisfaction survey.
Patients can check the consultation progress through this system instantly. Hospital personnel can manage the content of health education on their own, which can be used as a tool for hospital image propaganda.
Display the clinic information
Display the physician
Instant outpatient consultation progress
Display the information of take a number
Pick up the medicine
Play multimedia
  • Update the clinic status instantly.
  • It's the highly integrated information station that cascade HIS system.
  • Diversified functions of playback topics and supports kinds of multimedia format.
  • Flexible and resilient management.
  • The layout can be changed in the CMS.
  • Supports to Windows system.
  • Supports to TV signal, subtitles, date, time and weather information.
  • Remote checking progress with APP.
iWard SRP (iWard Solution Ready Platform)
Specialty healthcare SRP
Achieve the full range of health management services.
To realize the professional health checkup and tips for be checked. The personalized health inspection management services enhance the efficiency of nursing works.
Self-inquiry station: Inquiry for service items and check, process of check.
Questionnaire system: Survey of medical history, diet, life, health education information, service satisfaction.
Health checkup APP: List of person to be checked, check-in, list of items, check status, process inquiry, records of check, ordering notes, dining status, mandatory setting, service personnel shift settings.
Health checkup CMS: Reservation check list, reservation basic information, checking status, hand ring connected.
Outpatient register station: VIP login, check list.
  • Intelligent checking process to reduce all kinds of unnecessary waiting.
  • Staff can keep track of VIP location and provide the fastest service.
  • VIP can use the hand ring to identify their identity accurately , for the staff to confirm.
  • Integrate physiological measurement equipment to upload the measurement data automatically in order to avoiding manual input errors.
  • Improve the VIP service and satisfaction by fully experience of intelligent services.
Customized for the therapist, that patient's treatment schedule is clear to editing management conveniently. It's the best solutions for shorten working time and reduce the frequency of data transcription errors.
Therapist Scheduling System: Patient appointment treatment schedule list, progress management of patients in undergoing Physical Therapy, progress management of patients in Occupational Therapy, progress management of patients in Speech Therapy, verify the transfer of patient to substitute therapist
Therapist PDA: Therapist Scheduling System Mobile
Reservation scheduling Console: Progress management for all therapists to scheduling appointment, therapist arrange shift management
Intelligent Rehabilitation Self-register System: Display the patient information, pay by EasyCard, pay by cash (Counter)
Rehabilitation Therapy Multimedia Broadcast System: Display the information of take a number, display the clinic information, play multimedia
Intelligent Rehabilitation Therapy CMS: Permission settings management, data statistics center, soft control management center
  • Effectively reduce patient waiting time to improve service quality and improve the efficiency of treatment resources in the Dept. of rehabilitation.
  • The benefits include simplifying processes, improving efficiency and medical quality, reducing costs, and improving management quality.
Designed for micropayment.
Patients can self-register
Display treatment category
Pay by EasyCard
  • Provide the diversified register system for hospital to reduce the work load of counter personnel.
  • Non-scheduled treatment programs can be distributed therapist services evenly.
  • Properly control the number of people and reduce patients’ waiting time to improve service quality.
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