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K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education
The talent pool system of agent substitute teachers in junior high and elementary school and preschool educators in kindergarten
Through this system, teachers can quickly find the required school units, and school units can also find the required teachers. This breaks through the previous one-stop job hunting and talent-seeking mode.
Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Intelligent ward information system
Integrated into a complete information system with "patient-centric" by the digital bedside card in wards, bedside information system, electronic whiteboard and main console in nursing station. That improves the service quality while reducing nurses’ loading.
Office of Food and Drug Safety of Taichung City Government
Information system of food and drug inspection in Taichung city
The system can real-time analyze auditing data for government decision-making reference. Besides that, it combined PMDS and LIMS, etc. for reducing the number of human resources that are wasted by repeatedly logging in auditing data. It improves the efficiency of the auditing business operations.
Health Bureau of Taichung City Government
Emergency medical ambulance operating system in Taichung city
There are two main functions of this system. First, matching from nurse, volunteer and Public Health Center. Second, providing rescue information of public activities to protect the safety of public participation in activities.
Chung Shan Medical University Hospital
Intelligent ward information system
The system connected to wards, nursing stations, mobile devices and remote management. The patients’ requirements can be transmitted more quickly to nurses, it’s more quickly for nurses to deal with.
Yunlin Christian Hospital
Self-register system
Patients can self-register by their IC Card and pay by EasyCard. It has shorten the amount of people waiting for payment, and reduce the manual counter staffing and their pressure. The Self-register system can be combined to Therapist Scheduling System, therapist can instantly know if the patient has registered and to fill in the treatment record by tablet.
Landseed Hospital
Intelligent rehabilitation information system
Patients can self-register by their IC Card and pay by EasyCard. It has shorten the amount of people waiting for payment and improving the efficiency of hospital charging operation.
Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Guide machine includes 8 multiple languages
The system’s main functions are playing the hospital related messages, the progress of the consultation and the health education information. It’s very convenient for foreigners because the system supports for 8 multiple languages, includes Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Burmese, Indonesian and Thai. Designed with an image and friendly interface, that makes it easy for older patients to use.
Taiwan Food and Drug Administration
GDP vendor online application system
The system provides GDP pharmaceutical factory and pharmaceutical merchants to fill in the data online. To be reviewed and approved by the reviewers for subsequent inquiry to drug distributor, logistics, transport and warehousing, etc. by auditors.
Taichung City Government
Appeals reception system
Through the system, the public can log in and inquire about the progress of the case handling and related information. It improves the efficiency of service to people.
Changhua Christian Hospital
Intelligent health examination system
The system can calculate the fastest examination room to shorten the waiting time for patients. There are two main functions of this system. First, patients can use hand ring to register, check waiting time and items of health test program and self-inquiry the historical reports. Second, the hand ring can be located, that nurses can quickly confirm patients’ movement.
Changhua Christian Hospital
Integration of the bedside care and ICT applied system
The system is comprehensive upgraded and build a digital care service with "Patient Safety First." In particular, established the more convenient communication channels by mobile medical communication software services, so that patients and nurses can directly connect to enhance the relationship of trust.
Taichung Veterans General Hospital
World Wide Web
The Website includes Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Puli Branch, Chiayi Branch and Wanqiao. There are more practicality and interactivity in these website that designed by the latest web technology and combined the hospital CIS to improve the web friendly.
New Taipei City Hospital Sanchong Branch
Guide machine
The system provides self-register, outpatient registration, inquire for the progress of the consultation, physician profile and hospitalized patients, floor guided tour and transportation information, etc.
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