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To meet the advent of IoT and the cloud computing generation, we practice information service concept (3i: Insight, Intelligence, Innovation) as goals of business organization. Dedicated to promoting the business of integrated IoT solutions and related applications, improving the quality of safe and effective health care.
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About Us
iLINK was founded in 2008. Before it, we have accumulated many years of foundation in the field of intelligent healthcare and won the approval of the customers. We have technical research and development capabilities combined with information technology and professional marketing consultant ability. Provide consultants, management, design, planning, and even operation, marketing and other full range of services, to create unlimited additional benefits for customers. Using cloud technology to construct a new generation healthcare system. We offer customized services and continuously launch the secure intelligent networking solutions to create a patient-centric intelligent healthcare system that creates a new, convenient and practical healthcare experience for patients.

In order to deepen intelligent medical, enhancing the visibility of the market and servicing customers with professional technical research and development capabilities, we grasp the future digital trend and appropriately adjust our business strategy. We will focus on promoting integrated IoT solutions and fulfill the integrating intelligent ICT application in the future. Besides that, we will also expand it into life, healthcare, agriculture, science and technology parks and other applications, in order to building an innovative ecosystem and creating a truly smart city. Our goals are wholeheartedly enhance intelligent life and ensure human well-being.
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Healthcare information communication technology solutions, ICT Services, Intelligent IoT Integration Development.
IoT Applications
Provide customized intelligent management system by professional communications technology.
Network Innovation
Using of the network and creating a new state of solution for intelligent networks.
Data analysis and application
Data sharing, assemblage and management of big data. Playing the bridge of business decision, enhancing productivity and bringing benefits to organization.
Focus on the user experience
Provide easy-to-use products to enhance the customer experience. Improve the people-to-people interaction and make the process more efficient.
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There are technology partners from different fields, help us grow in technology, provide the best intelligent solutions to serve our customers and create greater business value.
Advantech Co., Ltd.
Fujitsu Taiwan
Tatung System Technologies Inc.
Feng Chia University - Office of Information Technology
Zerosum Technology CO., LTD
13F-1, No.138, Zhongming S. Rd.,
West Dist., Taichung City 40361,
[email protected]
T/ +886 4 2310 8997
F/ +886 4 2310 5089

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