Create new business opportunity for health care in Asia
iLINK and Comewell-creating the new business opportunities in health care. We will combine business strategy, introduce product, talent exchange and co-marketing to jointly develop in the Asia. Comewell have devoted to marketing and promotion of the health business in recent years. We will rely heavily on the resources of this team to launch the "4,000 trading platform for the health industry" project for two years. Focus on customer health through the third generation intelligent vehicle, that can integrating hospital, clinic, pharmacy, and home information. We will build a personal health database and focus on the lifelong health care market.
Promoting intelligent upgrading by industry-academia cooperation.
Mr. Shih’s team in Hungkuang University of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, the Director of the Center of Prevent falls in Changhua Christian Hospital, Mr. Wei, has rich clinical practice experience and we co-develop the new system of off-bed warning. Using the patented infrared warning to judge patients off-bed, through the system notified warning message. Not only protect patient privacy, but also let the family rest assured.
Field experiment of iWard in Taipei City Hospital.
It's an honor to be part of the program. Through the integration of hardware and software, the intelligent equipment, so that home care, remote township care and telemedicine will to become possible. Looking forward to make medical services and care more perfect by the new technology.
iLINK participate in the ‘’Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit’’ in Suzhou.
iLINK provides innovation and various services to domestic and foreign hospitals by the experiences of platform development technology and project management. This trip to Suzhou, showed the iWard systems to more than 5,000 partners from around the world. Through communicating that the technical services can be more completely develop the perfect intelligent medical solutions!
The HIS(Health &Medical Information System) has expanse to overseas.
iLINK has developed the HIS in recent years. Our system developers have undergone field construction and repeated testing in domestic hospitals and using the advantage of experience to provide system analysis services to overseas countries.
iLINK and Advantech co-creating the future of IoT world.
The concept of the IoT has been promoted for many years. Advantech co-creating with iLINK by SRP(Solution-Ready Package) to develop intelligent medical industry. We build the smart medical products that will be thought from the patients, family members, and healthcare professionals. Effectively improve patients and their families’ satisfaction and improve the ease of use of healthcare staff in the medical and care process.
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